Electrosmog, water veins, geological fault zones - they overlay the earth's magnetic field and impair our physical and mental harmony.

This is where the SANOMAG® comes into its own: It strengthens the natural magnetic field that surrounds us and has a balancing and strengthening effect.

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Why magnetism is so important

Magnetism is one of the natural basic forces of our earth. It is omnipresent as the earth's magnetic field and acts as a protective shield that protects our planet from cosmic radiation. Without it, we would be at the mercy of the charged particles thrown into space by solar flares, and life would not be possible.

The most important things summarized

The SANOMAG ® strengthens the natural magnetic field

The SANOMAG® generates a natural, earth-like magnetic field. Its permanent magnets compensate for the disturbances caused by technically generated radiation, water veins and other geological conditions and restore access to the original earth's magnetic field. It increases the well-being of people, animals and plants.

The three levels of action

For Johann Grander, magnetism has shown itself in three units, which are always characterized by attraction and repulsion:

1. Physical magnetism

Magnetism is most evident on the physical plane, such as the compass needle that aligns with the Earth's magnetic field. Or the force with which similar poles repel each other. And the human body is also influenced by it: disturbances in the earth's natural magnetic field can cause sleep problems, headaches and other complaints.

2. Spiritual magnetism

This is about the question: What attitude do I have towards life? Do I think positively and therefore attract positive people and events? Or do I go through life anxious and act like a magnet for misfortune and failure?

3. Soul magnetism

How am I doing emotionally? Am I drawn into a harmonious, safe ideal state? Or am I on the opposite pole, which creates stress and hectic and throws me out of sync? If the inner rhythm gets confused, it also affects the physical well-being.

The SANOMAG® works on all three levels: it brings the body into balance, calms the thoughts and harmonises the emotional life.

The SANOMAG ® for body and soul

application areas

Pain often occurs when the energy pathways in the body are blocked. Here the SANOMAG® can get the blocked energy flowing again.

Numerous experiences show very good results

  • allergies
  • migraine
  • rheumatic pains
  • back pain
  • Sports injuries (muscle, ligament pain)

Experiences in wellness and prophylaxis

  • strengthened immune system
  • more effective meditation
  • easier falling asleep
  • increased sleep quality
  • increased energy balance
  • more active self-healing powers
Many users of the SANOMAG® report such improvements. Just feel into yourself and observe positive changes. You yourself are the measure of all things.

How to use the SANOMAG ®...

... for physical complaints

Position the handles in such a way that the magnetic energy can flow easily through the painful area.

Pay attention to your body's signals:

If the pain feels "cool":
Position the red handle (= warming pole) as close as possible to the affected area. The blue handle should be outside of the affected area.

If the pain feels "warm" or "hot":
Put on the blue handle (= cooling pole).

Important: Do not wear metal necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings during the application. They can block the magnetic field and energy pathways.

... in the case of mental stress

If you feel nervous or stressed:
Find a quiet place, take the handles of the SANOMAG® in your hands and concentrate on deep, regular abdominal breathing.

A tip: Breathe in slowly through your nose, wait a second, and then breathe out through your mouth. Exhaling should be longer than inhaling.

Do this breathing exercise for about 10 minutes (5 minutes is enough to begin with).

Afterwards you feel deeply relaxed or fall asleep - so your body can regain strength in a short time.

The power of natural magnetism

In the SANOMAG®, natural magnets are fixed in a magnetic inner sheath and connected directly to highly conductive steel cables. The handles are also made of iron cores and natural magnets.

The secret of its effectiveness?

The right choice of magnets, their alloy and arrangement. They are the result of countless experiments carried out by Johann Grander. Due to the permanent magnets, the SANOMAG® does not need a power connection - so there is no additional technical radiation. In addition, there is no self-charging - grounding or discharging is not necessary.

A tip: The magnetic field of the SANOMAG® is strongest when you operate it continuously and with the handles closed to form a circle.

This is how the SANOMAG® works best

“Cold Ailments” – Red minus pole

Ailments that feel “cold.”

Does the pain feel rigid, immobile? "Cold" pain is a sign of lack of energy.

Use only the red plus pole and place it directly on or just next to the cold spot. You can detach the blue handle or simply put it aside.

The plus pole has a stimulating and promoting effect, supports the renewal of tissue, and provides energy and warmth. Among other things, it relieves muscle pain.

The plus pole increases heart rate, increases blood pressure, widens blood vessels and increases bleeding. It also promotes acid formation and calcium levels in the blood. It helps with metabolic underfunctions associated with lack of energy and poor digestion and supports the immune system.

Be careful with bacterial infections, viruses and undesired cell growth.

  • tension


    If the muscle feels cool and rigid, use the red positive pole and place it directly on or just to the side of this area. A second person can help in difficult areas such as the back.

  • lung


    Put the red plus pole on the middle of the breastbone and take the blue pole in the other hand. Before use, warm the handles by holding them in your hands.

  • tired legs

    tired legs

    Place your foot on the blue pole and gently stroke the leg towards the heart with the red plus pole. Perform this application alternately with each leg.

  • Muscle aches

    Muscle aches

    Gently massage the sore muscle with the red pole while holding the blue pole in the other hand. Repeat this massage several times after a short break.

  • Sniffles


    If you have a blocked nose, hold the red pole against your nostrils to clear your nose of mucus. Then calm the inflammation with the blue pole. When the first symptoms appear, use the blue pole first.

  • migraine


    Hold the red pole on your forehead and the blue pole on your neck. Relax and breathe in and out evenly and deeply for a while. Place the red plus pole on the relevant spot.

"Hot complaints" – blue minus pole

Complaints with excess energy:

In the case of "hot" pain, the blue minus pole has a relaxing and calming effect, increases concentration and relieves nervous pain and inflammation.

It slows down metabolism, soothes ulcers, inhibits the proliferation of microbes, bacteria and cell growth.

The negative pole breaks down acid (alkaline) and reduces the calcium content in the blood.

It slows the heart rate, constricts blood vessels and stops bleeding, causes muscle contraction and lowers blood pressure.

Beauty tips: Use the blue minus pole to gently stroke from the cheeks to the eyes to the bridge of the nose. Under the earlobe in the neck area, the blue pole has a refreshing and soothing effect.

  • Insect bite

    Insect bite

    Insect bites cause swelling that quickly feels very hot. For relief, place the blue minus pole directly on or just next to the stitch. It takes the heat and soothes.

  • vein pain

    vein pain

    In the case of painful veins, stroke the blue pole from below, from the foot in the direction of the heart along the vein. To strengthen the veins, use both poles alternately for at least 15 minutes a day.

  • bruise


    Cuts, abrasions, bruises or bruises generally react very quickly to the blue pole because the vessels narrow and contract. Treat the cut over the dressing after an operation.

  • Eyes

    If the eyes feel hot, tired and dry, gently hold the blue pole on the eyelid without pressure. This brings refreshment and coolness. For inflamed eyes, only go over the eyelids with the blue pole and avoid skin contact.
    Tip: To strengthen the eyesight and vitality of the eye(s), use both poles alternately for at least half an hour a day.

  • Headache


    Headaches can occur in very different ways. On the forehead, at the base, on the back of the head or on the temples. Feel into your body and place the blue negative pole on the relevant spot. For migraines, start with the blue pole and continue working with the red pole after 5 minutes. Tip: Slightly circling or stroking the area provides additional relief.

  • burns

    For minor local burns, hold the blue side of the pole directly over the wound without touching it. The pain stops promptly and healing can begin quickly and without infection.

Please note: The use of the SANOMAG® does not replace medical treatment. It is always advisable to consult a doctor or seek medical advice in the event of pain or physical ailments. The SANOMAG® is intended as support for everyday life and to accompany therapies and healing processes.

Another tip: You are using the SANOMAG® the right way round if you can read the lettering.

You can download the entire SANOMAG® manual here.
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The SANOMAG ® compass

The compass

Inside the body of the compass is a piece of magnetized metal, a needle that is flexibly pivoted in the center so it can rotate smoothly.The needle aligns itself with the earth's magnetic field and shows the corresponding cardinal direction, provided there is no other magnetic field nearby and deflecting it.

This is how a compass works

Opposite poles attract. herefore, the magnetic south pole of the compass needle (usually colored red or green) points to the magnetic north pole of the earth. The needle aligns itself parallel to the earth's magnetic field. By the way: The magnetic poles of the earth are not identical to the geographic poles.

What does that have to do with the SANOMAG®?

With its natural magnets, the SANOMAG® generates a magnetic field similar to that of the earth, only on a smaller scale. In order to check the function of the SANOMAG® and make it visible, you can move the compass along the device, the ropes and the handles and observe how the compass needle turns and aligns several times. The magnetic field is thus effective.

Become an expert!

There is a lot to discover with the compass, especially with all the modern technology that surrounds us. Therefore: track down the magnetic fields in your everyday life. Go through your home or office with the compass and find magnetic deviations caused by magnetic fields or objects, such as live cables, devices, mobile phones or computers. Tell us about your experiences!

We look forward to your email to or your comments.

That's what SANOMAG® users say

"Our seven-year-old daughter could never fall asleep well, which up to that point meant she was very restless when she fell asleep. Everything has changed since the SANOMAG®. She falls asleep more easily. We have all become calmer, more relaxed and relaxed as a result. This then had an effect on our son, who now sleeps much better. Harmony and a mental cushion have moved in. We are completely satisfied with the SANOMAG® and the water revitalization and could not have invested our money better."

Anya R

"After the SANOMAG was set up in our hotel, the wellness manager asked what was changed because she was full of energy. At the same time, a house guest asked whether the beds had been changed because he slept very well.”

family L

“Every year we go on holiday to Spain in our camper van. I had the idea of taking the SANOMAG® with me on this journey to use it for relaxation on the go. I slept so well on this trip and I no longer noticed my aches and pains. After this experience, I now always take the SANOMAG® with me.”

Enka T

"We have been using the SANOMAG® for 26 years and were able to solve our sleep problems caused by a fault zone (water vein)."

Maria A